About American Environmental Construction LLC in Seattle, WA

Our Company

American Environmental Construction LLC is licensed and certified in the state of Washington to remove asbestos, lead, mold and other hazardous materials such as PCBs and fluorescent lights. We also perform interior demolition of buildings; both private and public, for General Contractors who then will rebuild the space to suit the client's needs.
We work throughout the state of Washington, with most of our work performed in the Puget Sound area.

Our Experience

Each of our Owners has over 20 years' experience in the abatement industry and they primarily work in the field, running and overseeing jobs.
Our Supervisors have all been hand-picked and trained in the American Environmental Construction way of doing business. Each is experienced at setting up and executing abatement projects of any size ranging from $500 to over $750,000 in any type of environment.
We employ our own Workforce, each person certified to perform the work by the state of Washington, certified to wear the appropriate respiratory protection for the job being worked on, and has undergone a medical examination as required by the State of Washington. Each year all of our workers attend abatement refresher courses, update their respiratory protection “fit tests” and medical certificates. We will never sub-contract our jobs, nor will we use non-certified, untrained, casual workers.
Our Estimators are experienced, caring, and qualified to understand your needs and to help you plan your abatement or select demolition project so it is efficient, cost effective, and successful. We believe every home or facility is different, so we take the time to visit each venue for a personal and up-close inspection to ensure we understand your requirements, concerns, and to view site conditions.

What We Do

We work closely with the local clean air agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other agencies within the state of Washington to ensure the federal EPA's Clean Air Act of 1970 is correctly followed.
We also work closely with the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries (L&I), to ensure our workers health and safety are protected per the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.
We provide you, our partner, with peace of mind when we abate hazardous materials or perform a select demolition project in your environment. We will answer your questions in a pleasant manner, explaining the process in as much detail as you feel necessary.
We are committed to making your experience with us as pleasant and as informative as possible. Simply stated, Our job is to make your job easier.
Call us today at 206-267-0746 for an estimate.