Customer Testimonials in Seattle, WA

Luke M. in Seattle, WA
Tony and crew did a fantastic job. Their efficiency was only outdone by their professionalism and friendliness.
When the crew arrived they got right on it taking special care to cover their whole path from the front door all the way upstairs to the project room.
After completion they cleaned up thoroughly and left the room ready for new framing, insulation and drywall.
The final bill was consistent with estimate. I highly recommend them!
Before abatement. After abatement.

Lori P. in Seattle, WA
Fabulous job! They were promp, respectful, oranized, professional, and cleaned up after themselfs, now if only my husband could learn from them, I would be doubly happy.
I have a two story house, had the down stairs done first, as the rooms needed to be empty prior to the work. An later...upstais.
The wet gypsum board smell was, the ahhhh freedom from Aspestos!
Highly recommended
That's all folks
After it dried , and Prior to us painting also a big thank you to frankie, who has been doing the spackeling,

Keith B. from Everett, WA
Used this company on a house I demolished. Specifically, the house was full of asbestos and needed to be abated before demo could be started. Quick response times, were able to work with my schedule, and were competitively priced (compared with 4 other quotes I received). They rolled in, sealed the place up tight, and got everything done in a matter of a couple days (1,200sf house). Billing was accurate, which is always appreciated, and documentation was provided afterwards. 5 stars for sure!