Asbestos Abatement in Seattle, WA

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a name for six naturally-occurring fibrous minerals which include actinolite, amosite, anthophyllite, chrysotile, crocidolite, and tremolite. The 3 most common forms of asbestos used are: Chrysotile, amosite, and crocidolite all of which have in common their similar form or structure, i.e. a particle that is at least 5 microns long or longer, with a length to width aspect ratio of 1:3 or greater.
Asbestos became increasingly popular among builders and building renovators in the late 1800's because of its sound absorption, average tensile strength, and its resistance to fire, heat, electrical and chemical damage. Asbestos has been widely used for building materials such as shingles, flooring tiles, insulation for pipes and fittings, warm air furnace duct covering, and acoustical sound deadening (popcorn-style ceilings).

What Should I Do If I Have Asbestos in My Home or Business?

Asbestos-containing building materials become an issue when they are disturbed during a remodel, renovation, or demolition. At that point, if not properly removed, the microscopic asbestos particles may be released into the air and may be accidentally inhaled. Prior to beginning the remodel or demolition, you should test all building materials for asbestos. If you have asbestos, and it will be disturbed during a remodel, renovation, or demolition, it should be safely removed by a certified asbestos abatement company.

How Can We Help You?

American Environmental Construction has held the same, successfully proven, business philosophy since the company was founded. We strive to attain the quality of work we do, and for a satisfied customer; both of which are of paramount importance as is a successful completion of the job.
We believe that each residential home, condominium or commercial facility is unique and merits a site visit to better understand client needs and the environment in which the job will be performed. We hear and answer client questions that often range from “I have popcorn ceilings, how do you remove them? How much will it cost? How long will it take?” to more technical questions, such as “I have asbestos containing sheet vinyl laid on a wood tongue and groove fir floor. Can you remove the sheet vinyl so I can save, sand and finish the T&G wood floor?”
Or, in commercial and public facilities we often hear and answer such questions as: “Our offices are located in the center of the city. Can you minimize the impact of asbestos abatement on the employees in our environment by working nights and weekends?”
Many times during the course of buying a new home or renovation, or when you are in the middle of a commercial project, asbestos is found and it usually interferes with – or stops – job progress. You need a quick estimate of the abatement cost, and a quick turn-around, in order to keep your project running on time and on schedule – avoiding potential problems with Owners, General Contractors, and Sub-Contractors. We can help. Our estimators work tirelessly to make your job easier.
When we visit your site, we measure the building material to be removed in order to quantify what is being removed, to get a better understanding for the removal process, and to be able to provide you with the best possible price.
Abatement Construction - Interior Demolition in Seattle, WA
Abatement Construction & Equipment - Interior Demolition in Seattle, WA
Abatement - Interior Demolition in Seattle, WA
Asbestos - Interior Demolition in Seattle, WA

In Conclusion…

We have successfully worked with numerous General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Property Managers, Property Owners, Consultants, and Home Owners in completing more than 5,000 abatement projects over a period of 10 years in both the public and private sectors. When we provide you with a written bid, we will honor the price quoted, unless an unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance or a change in condition occurs.
Property managers and owners appreciate the quality of our work and the professionalism of our Supervisors and field workers. Our experience at working with minimum disruption in a public environment eliminates many of the public relations problems that can occur when performing remediation projects.
Telephone bids are, by their very nature, based on incomplete information – we need to walk through and see your environment in order to fully understand the task at hand. We invite you to call us for a site visit, so that our bid is cost-effective, detailed, and accurate.
You're investing your time and money to remodel or renovate your environment. Shouldn't you expect a contractor to approach your requirements in a professional and helpful manner, answer your questions, provide you with the most cost effective solution possible and perform the work in a timely manner?
We do!